Review Policy

Currently I can only consider review requests from publishers. I do not accept ebooks or self-published titles. If I accept a review request I will do my best to turn it around within a reasonable amount of time (generally 3-4 weeks after receiving the book). While this is not my full time job and I cannot promise a hard deadline, please inform me if you have a preferred time frame for the review to be published and I’ll do my best to work within those limits.

I try to read books that cover a variety of subjects, and the reviews I post here are of my own thoughts and opinions. I do not generally read horror, but I do enjoy mystery/thriller novels and I do enjoy a love story as long as it has other things going on with the plot (i.e., no Fabio covers please, but yes to The Princess Bride).

My favorite genres include:

  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Autobiographical Works

Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. If it turns out that the book in question just isn’t for me and I am unable to finish it, I will let you know. I try to make sure what I post on here are books that I would recommend, and although a review will likely contain some criticism, overall I like to feel like I’m giving a fair take on an author’s work. Sometimes that doesn’t happen if the book just isn’t lining up with my tastes.

Rating System

When it comes to my rating system, I rate them based on their Plot, Characters, and Entertainment Value. I find breaking up the rating of the book into these categories allows me to consider the value of the story from different angles, rather than just going with a gut feeling for an overall rating off the bat.





Entertainment Value





Does the story flow? Do the individual scenes have value and significance? If a story is difficult to follow or the pacing is too varied it may get a lower score. If the story has depth and layers that compliment each other and add to overall themes, it will get a higher score.


Are the characters fleshed out, believable individuals or flat stereotypes? I want to believe in the stories when I read them, and a well-developed set of characters is key to that experience.

Entertainment Value

My most subjective category. Is this book bingable? A book can not have the greatest plot and iffy characters, but if the story was still a fun read and I didn’t want to put it down, it can score higher here. Similarly, if a book has excellent character development and a well-thought-out plot, but just ended up being a snore-fest, it could end up scoring lower here.


An overall score averaged from the 3 aforementioned categories

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