About Me

Lovely Readers,

My name is Jen Rollman. I’m an English Literature graduate of Pace University, and I live in Westchester, New York. “About an hour north of New York City”, is how I describe it to most people, and “where the X-men live” to my fellow nerds.

I have two rescue dogs: one that looks like an oversized yorkie with permanent bedhead, and the other a mushy lab-pitty mix who’s too smart for her own good. Summer is my favorite season, I prefer sweet to savory, and I’m happiest near the ocean. I grew up with three brothers and it took me until my 20’s to openly admit I like the color pink.

I love to travel. Experiencing different cultures always leaves me feeling like I can go forth with more empathy, and I feel the same way about reading. Books allow me to travel, but in a different way. I’m shown places I may not have seen on my own, and gain perspective on experiences I haven’t lived through.

I created this blog to have a central area to keep all my thoughts on the books I’ve read, and maybe help others find a story they connect with. I read mainly contemporary fiction, fantasy, mystery, and YA, and try to keep my reviews concise, punchy, and spoiler-free.

I’ll be honest— I have a SHORT attention span. I have a multitasking brain and it’s always racing off on different trains of thought. Reading is a conscious decision I have to make despite absolutely loving books. The advantage of this, though, is that if I publish a review here it means that the book was successfully able to capture my wandering imagination. And let’s be real- you can’t be an avid reader without imagination.

So let’s go on some adventures together. I’m already excited to meet you!

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